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Alaina Miles

I've been beating around the bush about getting this done but I finally said this weekend is it. 
my little dude loves dinosaurs, and I'm not talking about the land before time. Call me a bad mom, but he's watched Jurassic World more times than I can count, and his true joy is the original Jurassic Park. So when I found out T-Rex Planet was coming to town for the weekend I said "Ohhh, we have to take the little." "He's gonna love it!" The trip was a total surprise for him. Initial fear ("ahh they're gonna get me!" turned into overwhelming excitement. "MOM!" "look at that T-REX!" "Friend! hey Friend!" "you see the dinosaur?!" the kids had a blast to say the least. 
After T-Rex planet we stopped for some much needed lunch & laughs, then headed home for some chill time and afternoon naps.